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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 Tree plantation for restoration of degraded lands and greening of India: A case study of the tree growers' cooperativesBalooni, Kulbhushan; Singh, K.*
2001 A simple inequality of moments in some classes of bivariate ageing distributorsSuresh, R.P.
2001 Number of Transactions and Volatility: An empirical study using High-frequency data from NASDAQ StocksSaji, Gopinath; Krishnamurti, Chandrasekhar*
2001 Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN EconomiesBhatt, P.R.
2001 Internationalisation and Innovation: A Case Study of Nokia.Bhatt, P.R.
2001 Corporate Leaders of India: A Study of their Performance and Contribution in the Post-Liberalisation EraKrishna, Kumar
2001 Adaptation to creation: Progress of organizational learning and increasing complexity of learning systemsNair, Unnikrishnan K.
2001 To Windup or to RunKrishna, Kumar; Srivastava, Ritu*
2001 Indian Business Ventures AabroadKrishna, Kumar; Srivastava, Ritu*
7-Oct-2000 Trade Liberalisation and Productivity Growth in Manufacturing: Evidence from Firm-Level Panel DataBalakrishnan, Pulapre; Pushpangadan, K.*; Suresh Babu, M.*
Sep-2000 Cognition within and between organizationsNair, Unnikrishnan K.
Jun-2000 A methodology for assessing impact of irrigation management transfer from farmers' perspectiveKalro, A.H.; Naik, Gopal*
1-Apr-2000 Budget 2000-2001: Vision and Illusion in Fiscal CorrectionBalakrishnan, Pulapre
Apr-2000 Vision and Illusion in Fiscal CorrectionBalakrishnan, Pulapre
Jan-2000 Medical LIbraries using GreenstoneSreekumar, M.G.
Jan-2000 Taxing 'Grey' Products-Market-Based InstrumentsBalooni, Kulbhushan
2000 Web Authoring: A 'Must' Skill for the Information professionals at the Dawn of the New Millennium.Sreekumar, M.G.; Bavakutty, M.*
2000 India-ASEAN Investment Flows: Policies and TrendsBhatt, P.R.
2000 The Output Gap: Measurement, Related Concepts and Policy ImplicationsNandakumar, Parameswar
2000 Leveraging Brands through Extensions and Factors Influencing Consumer Acceptance of Extensions across Product CategoriesPanda, Tapan Kumar
2000 WWW and HTML: The papyrus and script of Cyber AgeSreekumar, M.G.; Pathak, Ashok
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