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Date of IssueTitle Authors
17-May-2008 Comparative Study of Tourism Websites in India - With Special reference to South IndiaChavali, Kavita; Sahu, Subrat
17-May-2008 Adequecy and Effectiveness of Indian Tourism Websites for International Tourism In IndiaPathak, Ashok; Kumar, Krishna
17-May-2008 The Key Issues and Challenges in Medical Tourism sector in India( A Hospital perspective)Gopal, R
17-May-2008 Opportunity and challenfes for Medical Tourism in IndiaBegde, Prasad
17-May-2008 SWOT Analysis on Medical TourismChakravarthy, Kalyan K; Ravi Kumar, C.H.; Deepthi, K
17-May-2008 Medical Tourism: Taking off in a big way in IndiaBhangale, Vijay
17-May-2008 Medical Tourism in Kerala-Challenges and ScopeCherukara, Joseph M.; Manalel, James
17-May-2008 Medical Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges in Tamil NaduMurugan, Annamalai
17-May-2008 Advantage Gujarat In Medical TourismBhattacharya, Mousumi
17-May-2008 Tourism Products Development and management Medical Tourism-A shifting ParadigmKalshetti, Prashant; Pillai, Deepa
17-May-2008 Service Quality in Rural Tourism: A Prescriptive ApproachKumra, Rajiv
17-May-2008 Study on Improving the potential for Rural Tourism in Kerala-With Emphasis on Developing the Potential of Local Areas of Tourism Importance with special reference to Ponnumthuruthu, Achuthengu and KumbalangiJohn, Jubin Joy; Hari Sundar, G; Das, Anoop; Ravikrishnan
17-May-2008 Product Development and Management in Rural Tourism(With Reference to Maharastra)Ramkumar, A; Shinde, Rajashree
17-May-2008 Promoting Rural and Village Tourism for Urban Indian FamiliesBhattacharyya, Ritu; Kolhi, Sangita
17-May-2008 Rural Tourism: Relevance and Applicability of the concept in IndiaAithal, Rajesh K; Anil, R. K.
17-May-2008 Spiritual & Yoga Tourism: A casestudy on experience of Foreign Tourists visiting Rishikesh, IndiaAggarwal, Adarsh Kumar; Guglani, Meenal; Goel, Raj Kumar
17-May-2008 Branding India for Health and Spiritual TourismSharma, Vinay; Tomar, Ravindra Singh; Ahola, Neira-Niika
17-May-2008 Opportunities and challenges of Health Tourism in IndiaSwain, Dindayal; Sahu, Suprava
17-May-2008 Heritage Tourism: A case study on the international, local and social efforts involved in putting Ajanta on the traveler's listPantawane, Nivedita
17-May-2008 Heritage Tourism-Challenges Ahead A Case Study of Vishnupur-The Land of Teracotta, Temples and BaluchariMitra, Moumita
17-May-2008 Key Issues in Visitor Experience and Tourism Development-A Study of vanarasiRajeev, P.V.; Shyju, P.J.
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