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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2009 Annual Report - 2008-2009IIM, KOZHIKODE
2010 Annual Report - 2009-2010IIM, KOZHIKODE
2011 Annual Report - 2010-2011IIM, KOZHIKODE
2012 Annual Report - 2011-2012IIM, KOZHIKODE
2013 Annual Report - 2012-2013IIM, KOZHIKODE
3-Dec-1993 Application of Nerual Network in the Prediction of Self-Oscillations and Signal Stabilization in Non-Linear Multivariable SystemsPatra, K.C.*; Swain, Anjan Kumar
2008 An Architecture for Efficient Reource Discovery with Metada Harvesting in a Multidisciplinary Distributed RepositoryJayan, C. Kurian; Sreekumar, M.G.; Goh, Dion Hoe-Liah; Diljit, Singh; Abdullah, Abrizah; Wheeler, Joy Lynn
10-Apr-2007 Are Consumer Perceptions of Brand affected by Materialism?Sahdev, Amit; Gautama, Priyanka
2000 The art of seduction is learning organizationsAkella, Devi
Feb-1997 Artificial neural network approach for parameter estimation of exponentially damped sinusoids using linear predictionSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
2007 Asset prices and inflation is there a predictive linkBatavia, Bala*; Nandakumar, Parameswaran; Wague, Cheick*
5-Apr-2008 Attitude towards Women: A study of two villages in the State of Uttare PradeshShukla, Timira
2012 © The Author(s) 2012 Reprints and permission: sagepub.com/journalsPermissions.nav DOI: 10.1177/1938965512459801 Individual Preference and Bargaining Behavior in Families’ Buying Decisions of Restaurant ServiceAdhikari, Atanu; Rao, A.K.
1999 Availability of a system with gamma life and exponential repair time under a perfect repair policySarkar, Jyatirmoy*; Choudhuri, Gopal
10-Apr-2007 Avenues Amid Advertising Regulations for socially Unacceptable products with special focus on alcoholSailaja, P. Uma
5-Apr-2008 Awareness and Consumption Pattern of Rural Consumers towards Home and Personal Care ProductsBishnoi, Vinod Kumar; Bharti
17-May-2008 Back Water Tourism in Kerala: Challenges and OpportunitiesZacharias, Siby; Manalel, James; Jose, M.C.; Salam, Afsal
10-Apr-2007 Banking Channel Perceptions An Indian Youth perspectiveSrivatsa, H.S; Srinivasan, R
20-Jan-2007 Banking on ThemselvesChakravarty, Deepita
17-May-2008 Behavioral Skills Trainings in Travel AgenciesLather, Anu Singh; Garg, Shalini; Vikas, Sona
9-Sep-2006 Benign neglect or strategic intent ?: Contested lineage of Indian Software IndustryBalakrishnan, Pulapre
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