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Date of IssueTitle Authors
10-Apr-2007 Effect of Retailing Naunces SocietySivasankar, A. G.; C.B, Bineeth
2008 Effectiveness of decentralisation reforms in the Philippines's forestry sectorBalooni, Kulbhushan; Pulhin, Juan M.; Inoue, Makoto
2004 Effectiveness of Product Placements in Indian Films and its effects on Brand Memory and Attitude with Special Reference to Hindi FilmsPanda, Tapan Kumar
1-Aug-2008 Effectiveness of Publicity Campaign on Value Added Tax in IndiaSthanamoorthy, R.
2004 Effectiveness of Web Portals in Agriculture: A supply side approachSaji, Gopinath
9-Jan-2010 Electronic PublishingChitra, S.
10-Apr-2007 Emotional labor as a means of influencing the self-concept of consumers in service organizationMishra, Sushanta Kumar
5-Apr-2008 Empowering farmers through creation of rural hub: A case study on Haryali kisaan bazaarNarang, Ritu; Singh, Smita
2004 EMU Membership, Trade and Investment Flows: Enhancement beyond the Single Market Effects ?Nandakumar, Parameswar; Barot, Bharat*; Wague, Cheick*
10-Apr-2007 The End of Innocence: Marketing war on 6 to 6Vasudevan, Smitha
2002 Engulfing Darkness: The impact of HIV/AIDS on the FamilyD'Cruz, Premilla
19-May-2007 Enhancing Competitiveness: The Case of the Indian Life Insurance CompanyRastogi, Shilpa; Runa, Sankar
19-May-2007 Enhancing Global Competition in BPO: What India should Do ?Srinivasan, S.
19-May-2007 Enhancing Global Competitiveness by Reforming Power Sector - A Case Study of IndiaGangakhedkar, Rajesh
Sep-2006 Ensuring equity with excellenceBalakrishnan, Pulapre
2001 Entrepreneurial Success: Key Indicator Analysis in Indian ContextPanda, Tapan Kumar
17-May-2008 Environmental Carrying Capacity and Tourism Development in MaharastraPatil, D.Y.; Patil, Lata S.
2006 ‘Equity’ Brand: Evolution of a Brand From Stock MarketPurani, Keyoor; Abhilash, Nair *
10-Apr-2007 Escalation of Destructive Behaviour due to Advertising: An Empirical Study on AdultsKarthikeyan, C.
2005 Essential Strategies and Skill Sets Towards Creating Digital Libraries Using Open Source SoftwareSreekumar, M.G.; Sunitha, T.
2002 Estimation of Change-Point When Hazard Rate Changes SharplySuresh, R.P.
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