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  • Choudhuri; Hu, Kuolung; Afshar, Nader (IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON RELIABILITY, 2001-03)
    Calculating system-reliability via the knowledge of structure function is not new. Such attempts have been made in the classical 1975 book by Barlow & Proschan. But they had to compromise with the increasing complexity of ...
  • Sinha, Pritibhushan (Decision, 2008-01)
    In this paper we present a single-item, continuous monitoring inventory model with probabilistic demand forthe item and probabilistic lead time of order replenishment. It is assumed that demand follows Bernoullidistribution ...
  • Suresh, R.P. (Calcutta Statistical Association, 2003-12)
    It is well known that if F is IFR, then it is also DMRI; however, the converse is not true, in general Kupka and Leo (1989) proved that a distribution with convex decreasing mean residual life (CDMRL) function has an ...
  • Padhi, Sidhartha S.; Rajnish Kumar; Ashutosh Sarkar (International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, 2017-04)
    Dependencies over supplier for efficient functioning of firms are evident in academic literature as well as in practice. However, disruption in supplies can hinder the entire manufacturing process. This article applies a ...
  • Chowdhury, Shovan; Amarjit Kundua (Elsevier, 2016)
    In this paper we stochastically compare two parallel systems each having heterogeneous exponentiated Weibull components. These comparisons are made with respect to reversed hazard rate ordering and likelihood ratio ordering. ...
  • Suresh, R.P. (National Conference on Quality Reliability & Management, 2000)
    Many Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques such as Control charts, Acceptance Sampling plans and Process Capability, require that the quality characteristic of interest follow a normal distribution. However in many ...
  • Suresh, R.P. (Journal of Indian Statistical Association, 2001)
    We derive an inequality in terms of moments of Bivariate IFR distributions. We then show that this inequality holds good in a largere class of bivariate ageing distributions such as NBU,NBUE nad DMRL
  • Padhi, Sidhartha S.; Rajnish Kumar; Ashutosh Sarkar (IIMB Management Review, 2017-08)
    Supplier selection is increasingly seen as a strategic issue for any firm. In the literature, a variety of supplier selection criteria and methodologies have been reported. However, in this article, to find the most ...
  • Suresh, R.P. (2002)
    Statistics is taught as a core course in the Management programmes leading to the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) or an equalent degree in various Universities and Managmenet Institutes in India. As a ...
  • Choudhuri, Gopal (Journal of Statistical Planniny and Inference, 1997)
    In this paper we propose a test statistic for testing exponentiality versus L-class of life distributions. This test is based on an estimate of a functional of the cdf which discriminates between the exponential and L-family.

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