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1999 Financing of Afforestation of WastelandsBalooni, Kulbhushan
2000 Problems and prospects of community forestry: Some insights from three case studies in western IndiaBalooni, Kulbhushan
2000 Teak Investment Programmes: An Indian PerspectiveBalooni, Kulbhushan
Jan-2000 Taxing 'Grey' Products-Market-Based InstrumentsBalooni, Kulbhushan
2001 Tree plantation for restoration of degraded lands and greening of India: A case study of the tree growers' cooperativesBalooni, Kulbhushan; Singh, K.*
Jan-2001 Commercial agroforestry investment schemes in India: Success of failure in the context of the rural economyBalooni, Kulbhushan
Jun-2001 Afforestation of ARID Wastelands Through Energy Plantations: A Case Study from IndiaBalooni, Kulbhushan
2002 Why Local Resources Management Institutions Decline: A Comparative Analysis of Van (Forest) Panchayats and Forest Protection Committees in IndiaBalooni, Kulbhushan; Ballabh, Vishwa*; Dave, Shibani*
2002 Sustainable Small-scale Forestry: Socio Economic Analysis and PolicyBalooni, Kulbhushan
2003 Financing of Wastelands Afforestation in IndiaBalooni, Kulbhushan; Singh, Katar*
2003 Economics of wastelands afforestation in India, a reviewBalooni, Kulbhushan
21-Apr-2007 Declining Instituted Collective Management Practices and Forest Quality in the Central HimalayasBalooni, Kulbhushan; Ballabh, Vishwa*; Inoue, Makoto*
Dec-2007 Decentralized Forest Management in South and Southeast AsiaBalooni, Kulbhushan; Makoto Inoue
2008 Effectiveness of decentralisation reforms in the Philippines's forestry sectorBalooni, Kulbhushan; Pulhin, Juan M.; Inoue, Makoto
2008 Community initiatives in building and managing temporary check-dams across seasonal streams for water harvesting in South IndiaBalooni, Kulbhushan; Kalro, A.H.; Kamalamma, A.G.
2009 Sustainability of tunnel wells in a changing agrarian context : A case study from South IndiaBalooni, Kulbhushan; Kalro, A.H.; Kamalamma, Ambili G.
2009 Effect of Instituting "Authorized Neighborhood Associations" on Communal (Iriai) Forest Ownership in JapanBalooni, Kulbhushan; Yamshita, Utako; Inoue, Makota
1-Mar-2009 Joint Forest Management in India: The Management Change ProcessBalooni, Kulbhushan; Inoue, Makoto
Aug-2010 Curse or blessing? Local elites in joint Forest Management in India's ShiwaliksBalooni, Kulbhushan; Lund, Jens Friis; Kumar, Chetan; Inoue, Makoto
2012 Technological infusion and the change in private, urban green spacesBalooni, Kulbhushan; Gangopadhyay, Kausik
2014 Governance for private green spaces in a growing Indian cityBalooni, Kulbhushan; Gangopadhyay, Kausik; Mohan Kumar, B.


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