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3-Dec-1993 Application of Nerual Network in the Prediction of Self-Oscillations and Signal Stabilization in Non-Linear Multivariable SystemsPatra, K.C.*; Swain, Anjan Kumar
Jun-1994 A neural net based scheme for narrowband signal extractionDash, P.K.*; Nanda, P.K.*; Swain, Anjan Kumar; Khincha, H.P.*
1995 Industrial pollution control using intelligent controllersSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
Feb-1995 Short-term electric load forecasting using fuzzy neural networksSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*; Swain, R.K.*
8-Jul-1995 Fuzzy-Pid Hybrid Control Scheme for Cement Kiln ControlSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
Aug-1995 Material Mix Control in Cement Plant AutomationSwain, Anjan Kumar
Aug-1995 Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Logic Controller for Real Time Liquid Level ControlSubudhi, B.*; Swain, Anjan Kumar
Sep-1995 Parameter estimation of power system signals using SVDSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
1996 Computer control of cement raw mill with an improved material mix control schemeSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
Feb-1996 An expert system approach for fault diagnosis in a sub-system of power plantSubudhi, B.*; Swain, Anjan Kumar
Aug-1996 Fuzzy Logic Based Cement Kiln ControlSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
Oct-1996 Neural network and intelligent control - part ISwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
Nov-1996 Neural network and intelligent controlSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
Feb-1997 Optimization of Membership Functions of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Controlling Liquid Level using Genetic AlgorithmSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
Feb-1997 Artificial neural network approach for parameter estimation of exponentially damped sinusoids using linear predictionSwain, Anjan Kumar; Subudhi, B.*
2002 Performance improvement of self-adaptive evolutionary methods with a dynamic lower boundSwain, Anjan Kumar; Morris, Alan S.*
2003 A Unified Dynamic Model Formulation for Robotic Manipulator SystemsSwain, Anjan Kumar; Morris, Alan S.*
2003 An evolutionary approach to the automatic generation of mathematical modelsSwain, Anjan Kumar; Morris, Alan S.*
2004 Dynamic control of multi-arm co-operating manipulator systemsSwain, Anjan Kumar; Morris, Alan S.*
2005 Evolutionary Design of Inverse Dynamics Controllers for Multiple Arm Co-operating Manipulator SystemsSwain, Anjan Kumar; Bjanta, Urmila*; Morris, Alan S.*
13-Jul-2006 Kinematics and Dynamics of Co-operating Manipulations on a Mobile BaseSwain, Anjan Kumar; Morris, Alan S.*; Zalzala, Ali M.S.*
2007 Shortest path routing in multihop packet switching communication networkBhanja, Urmila*; Swain, Anjan Kumar; Panda, Abani Mohan*
2007 Performance analysis of self - adaptive evolutionary computation methodsSwain, Anjan Kumar


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