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Welcome to IIMK's institutional repository, a scholarly archiving facility for the IIMK community, using the BSD DSpace software, Jointly developed by MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard Labs. This service enables the Institute community to archive their preprints, post prints and other scholarly publications. In keeping with the objectives of the Open Access movement, we expect this service to facilitate the Institute researchers in self-archiving and long-term preservation of their scholarly publications, provide easy access to these publications world wide and improve impact of their research. While dspace@iimk can be accessed by anybody, submission of documents to this archive is limited to the IIMK research community. Your comments and suggestions for improving this service are most welcome. Please send your feedback to the Archive Administrator.

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  • Balakrishnan, Pulapre (Journal of Asian Economics: Elsevier, 2017)
    A stylised fact of India’s economic history since 1950 is that the rate of growth of the economy has accelerated periodically and across policy regimes. In this paper we present a theoretical framework that can generate ...
  • Balooni, Kulbhushan; Vekatachalam, L. (Economic and Political Weekly, 2018-02-10)
    The Tamil Nadu government is attempting to revive the institution of kudimaramathu by leveraging a scheme sponsored by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development to rejuvenate small waterbodies in the state. ...
  • Sthanu R Nair; Leena Mary Eapen (Economic and Political Weekly, 2017-06-24)
    The Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 has an “anti-profiteering” clause aimed at ensuring that businesses pass on tax rate cuts and cost savings resulting from the adoption of GST to the consumers. In this context, ...
  • Subhash, Jha,; Adhikari, Atanu (South Asian Journal of Management, 2016-06)
    Using the underpinning of assimilation and contrast theory, we examine whether consumers' reasons for purchasing a product are influenced by its attributes or not. A conceptual framework that differentiated between hedonic ...
  • Adhikari, Atanu; Mahuya Adhikary (Current Issues in Tourism (Taylor & Francis), 2017)
    Previous research done on tourists’ information-seeking behaviour has focused on aggregate-level information seeking. The aggregate-level study has significant disadvantage in decision-making since actual behaviour of ...

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